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My name is Xiayun Zheng, it is really hard to pronounce, so I changed it to Bunny Zheng, then sometimes shorten it to Bunny Z, and that's where the name of the website come from.

I started taking art lessons since I was in grade 7, then went to Sheridan College to study Animation, and got a degree in it. After exploring career in the field, I then went to Seneca to get my post grad in Game Design, where I learn to make 3D Models for video games.

I've illustrated some children's book, worked for an art gallery. But found my adult passion in finance.

Now I still occasionally do art and improve my skills just for fun. From my artwork and time I did them you can see the art journey I went through, and forming of styles and context.

I am sharing my art knowledge now, hopefully you find that helpful

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